About the edition

The Oraculum is, without any doubt, one of the most important works of the world of Magic and Esotiricism from the XIX century. The work gained more and more followers every day and the peak was reached at the end of the XIX century. Even though the work was very hard to find the followers always found a way to acquire a copy. It had different editions in many European countries and America. However, some of the copies were questioned due to the bad quality, lack of accuracy and some additional alterations.

The first edition was in 1822 “The book of Fate” from a manuscript found in 1801 by Charles N. S. Sonnini de Manoncourt (1751-1812). The manuscript was found in one of the egiptian tombs in High Egypt and translated into English , after the death of Napoleon, by H. Kirchenhoffer , knight of the Legion of Honour.

This edition is faithful to the original manuscript adding a section which is the explanation of the symbols that no one had ever done before. The language used has also been updated for a better understanding.

On the other hand we also share a Dictionary of Dreams with the purpose of doing some research, discover what’s behind your dreams and share it with your friends.

We hope this work brings backs the spirit that provided a guidance for the past generations and serves as a reference material for future consultations.